Turkey bombed 50 villages and towns in Syria’s northeast in three days

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed on Sunday that the Turkish forces bombed more than 50 towns and villages in northeast Syria during the last 72 hours.

Since the beginning of this year,2022, the Turkish Army has escalated its attacks on the villages and towns on the contact line in northeast Syria.

SOHR said that the bombardment was carried out with hundreds of rocket and artillery shells and it caused great damage to the residents’ property.

Turkey has violated the ceasefire agreement in northeast Syria more than 310 times since the beginning of this year according to the Violations Documentation Center in northern Syria

Turkey signed a ceasefire agreement with the Russian and American guarantors in October 2019.

These violations resulted in the death of more than 18 people, including women and children, and the injury of more than 280. More than 22 service facilities were damaged as well.

The Turkish bombardment struck the villages and towns of Tel Sha’ir, al-Wardia, Dildara, Umm Al-Keif in the countryside of Hasakah, northeast Syria. It also struck the villages and towns of Jabal, Musherfa, al-Nakhil Restaurant on the M4 highway, Mu’allaq, and Ain Issa camp in the countryside of Raqqa, SOHR said.

The Turkish bombardment also hit the villages of Sherawa, Kafr Naya, Tel Rifaat, Deir Jamil, al-Dandania, al-Yanli, Arab Hassan, Shiyukh Fawqani, Zormagar, Bayadiya, Ziyara, Jalghalo, Ashma, Salem, Kor Ali, Dekmdash, Seftk Fawqani and Tahtani, Buban, Jarqali, and Doli al-Saghir, SOHR added.

In a related context, Turkey targeted on Sunday morning the village of Tel Qarah in the northern countryside of Aleppo with two shells, causing damage to some crops.

 Reporting by Ayla Rayya



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