A third consultative meeting among the “SDC”, a spectrum of Syrian opposition forces and figures in Stockholm

After a month of preparations, on Saturday, May 14th the preparatory committee began the work of the third consultative meeting in Stockholm, which seeks to prepare for the conference of Syrian Democratic Forces and figures of opposition in order to discuss a political vision that achieves better representation of the Syrian opposition and find a democratic political solution for the Syrian crisis.
The meeting included a great range of Syrian democratic figures and forces of opposition with a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council, participants from the Syrian interior regions through the ZOOM application, as well as representatives of the American, Swiss and Italian foreign affairs, in addition to the participation of Anna Sundstrom, the director of the Olof Palme International Foundation, which sponsors these meetings in the Swedish capital Stockholm.
The meeting began with an opening speech in which the preparatory committee explained the course it has followed since its establishment that was more than two years ago, as well as the three matters; intellectual, organizational and political matters which were considered as a basis for discussions, as they were based on a large number of documents presented by the Syrian opposition and Democracy, up to the first and second Stockholm meetings and the agenda of the third meeting as a preliminary step towards achieving democracy in Syria.
The first session discussed the current situation and its prospects, the issue of early recovery and its embodiment practically and the possibilities of politicization it by parties working against the interest of the Syrian people such as tyranny, Turkey and the fears that accompany it. The session also referred to the recent US investment law in the Northeast and Northwest regions of Syria and its impact on the Syrian economy and the role of the private sector and national capital regarding the political solution and building a future Syria.
The second session dealt with the problem of the national identity in the Syrian Social Contract and the objectives of the Syrian national social contract; the unification of the general will of Syrians to resolve the issues accumulated over the past 100 years to achieve lasting and honorable peace and a fundamental and comprehensive solution for the Syrian crisis.
On the Social Contract, its objectives and principles, Hassan Muhammed Ali, a head of the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council, said that “It is worth as Syrians to believe in the political action that is based on the Social Contract and is based on self-capabilities,”.
“We must protect collective rights legally and constitutionally. The social contract must not be limited to a particular national, religious, sectarian and cultural identity, but rather represent the collective will of society.” He added.
The third session also dealt with the basic principles in the success of decentralization, the challenges it faces, the possible features of the decentralized regime in Syria and several initial proposals for decentralization, the most notably proposals were the application of the local government and the tools of its performance, and the affirmation of the rule of the people in choice, participation, follow-up and accountability. If democracy is the rule of the people themselves, so the same concept must prevail in local government, controlled by the unity of the country and the reference of the general constitution of it.
It is noteworthy that these themes led to many discussions among the participating parties.
This meeting will continue for two days as it is one of the outcomes of the second consultative meeting, which was held on the ninth and tenth of April, 2022 and the organizers of these meetings believe that they are important and the discussions are valuable and useful in order to serve the issues on agendas and these meetings will continue until the conditions of success are available



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